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This is my second winter living in DC, but for some reason I completely forgot how last year’s winter wreaked havoc on my skin. It wasn’t until I turned on the heat the other day that I immediately remembered how brutal winter can be on everyone’s skin. Hands, feet, face, lips– they’re all affected. When I woke up after the second night with my heat on, I felt like a raisin.

That’s why I’ve compiled 10 tips to combat your winter skin blues. These are tips that worked for me and can hopefully help you too!

1. Drink an insane amount of water. Carry a water bottle with you in your bag to make sure you’re staying hydrated. This is important every day of the year, but especially during the winter time.

2. Moisturize those lippies. I’ve tried tons of different chapsticks, lip balms and lip moisturizers. My favorite has to be Egyptian Magic. You can use Egyptian Magic on your hands and elsewhere, much like how people use Vaseline. I ALWAYS pack a sample-size of Egyptian Magic in my carry-on when I travel. Lauren Conrad mentioned it years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. Thanks, LC! 😉

3. Get a non-greasy hand cream. You shouldn’t feel like you have to wash your hands right after you put on a hand cream. Washing your hands strips them of their natural oils and can make dry skin even worse. Finding a non-greasy hand cream is key. During the winter, you should use the cream any time after you wash your hands/take a shower. Tip: Don’t leave these products in your car when it’s hot out. I learned that the hard way. Most of them will get watered down and runny.

4. Lotion and socks. You’ve probably heard this tip before. Perhaps it was your mother or grandmother who told you about lathering your feet with lotion before bed and then putting socks on while you sleep. Well, Momma and Granny know best, because it works! The cool thing–they now sell socks with lotion in them. I love anything that’s less hassle. Do this for a week straight and your feet will feel baby smooth. Tip: Try using a pumice stone (like this one or this one) to remove dry skin first.

5. Oil, oil and more oil. I cannot say enough great things about 100% pure argon oil. Initially, the thought of putting straight-up oil on my face made me think of breakouts, but boy was I wrong! Argan oil has changed my skin for the better. I use Josie Maran’s 100% Argan Oil every single day and night during the winter. I love how it makes my skin feel and the youthful glow it gives me when I wake up. If you already have oily skin, you may want to try her “Argan Oil Light”Tip: Put it on the ends of your hair while it’s damp OR apply a tiny amount to your dry roots to tame fly-aways. I tend to use it on my face/neck, hair and cuticles.

6. A humidifier. Every time I think of a humidifier, I think of Mariah Carey. She requests humidifiers at every hotel room and green room she stays in. It makes sense, since humidifiers add moisture back into the air. Well, during the winter humidifiers can do the same thing for your skin! Go ahead and plug one in next to your bed. It’ll also help your throat and nose not feel as dry either. Tip: If you ever travel to Vegas, bring it with you (or buy a travel-sized one). The air in Vegas is extremely dry and a humidifier makes all the difference.

7. Use a daily facial moisturizer. This should be a no-brainer, but even if you are using oils on your face you should still be using your daily facial moisturizer. Make sure it has SPF! Just because the sun may not seem as harsh during the winter, doesn’t mean it’s not damaging your skin.

8. Don’t exfoliate as much. Step away from the loofah and Clarisonic. Both of these tools are great for exfoliating, but during the winter months you don’t need to exfoliate nearly as much as you normally would. You need your skin keeping in its natural oils. Try cutting the amount you exfoliate in half or changing the brush head of your Clarisonic to a gentler one.

9. Slather on the body butter. Do this right after you towel-dry post-shower.

10. Moisture mask. Lots of masks have acids in them that can dry out your skin. Try these moisturizing masks instead!

Hope you all found these tips helpful! Do you have a product or tip of your own that you’d like to share? Leave it in the comments section below!

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