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Whether I’m running errands or at the gym, chances are I’m listening to music. To say I’m obsessed with new music is probably an understatement. If you were to ask any of my friends they’d tell you that I’m constantly trying to play new songs for them. I’m the one asking if I can plug-in my playlist while we’re driving or if I can dj our Uber (for the record– they always say yes). They’ll occasionally get turned off when I play a random trap song, but what can I say, your girl likes rap!

I thought it’d be cool to start sharing my playlists with you guys, just like I do with my friends (since I consider you guys friends too). I make a new playlist every month, so every time I make one I’ll be sure to post it for you. Hopefully it’ll help you find some new jams!


What happened to “Sarah, Ty, & Mel“? That’s the question I’ve been inundated with over the last week. One day we’re on-air and the next we’re off. Unfortunately, the answer to that question and the answer no one really wants to hear, is that our show was cancelled. The station decided that they are going in a different direction. We didn’t know that Monday, November 9th was going to be our last show. A lot of you have asked that and wondered why we didn’t say goodbye. I had no idea that the 8:20am Rundown would be my last and that by the same time the next morning I’d be unemployed. That’s the reality though; the reality of getting laid off. For those who are in this ever-growing and undesired club of getting a pink slip, I know you can relate. I know this too, because so many of you have reached out. I’ve compiled several of your messages and posted them below. Your support has amazed me!!!


Training for my first half marathon has officially begun! I’d always seen pictures on social media of people doing the runDisney Princess Half Marathon and I thought it looked like a lot of fun. Plus, let’s face it– I love Disney. This year I decided that instead of letting the race in February come and go again, I’d sign up. I set a reminder in my phone almost a year ago. The day finally came and I waited on my computer for the race registration to open, debating if I was really going to spend the money and commit to doing this. The site was so busy that I had to try several times before it would even load. Eventually, the site did load and I went through with it. I actually registered for a half marathon. Wait, what?! Still can’t believe I did that. What was I thinking? So, here I am.