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Photos snapped by: Kaitlyn Rondolino

Suede Fringe Jacket (they offer it in plus-size too: here) // Concert Tee // Black Leggings (I own several pairs of these– they are SO comfortable and not see-through) // Black Bag // Black Ankle Booties- from last year (similar: here and here) // Tory Burch Gold Rings // Other Gold Rings: here and similar here // Sunglasses // Necklace

I’m back in DC now, but I sure did enjoy the warmer temps in Florida and getting to spend some time with my boyfriend and family. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

One of my longtime-friends, Kaitlyn Rondolino, is a great photographer, so we teamed up to shoot a few looks for you while I was home for the holiday. She knew of some awesome murals in St.Pete for us to shoot at, including this massive one of a shark.

If you haven’t been to St.Petersburg, FL (St.Pete for short), you really should plan a visit. My hometown is booming with everything from nightlife and micro-breweries to hand-painted murals and fabulous restaurants. I really can’t say enough good things about this city! I remember when I couldn’t wait to move away, but now I thoroughly enjoy going back. I especially love seeing things change from visit to visit.

This suede jacket is genuine suede and a steal from Forever 21! It’s not stiff like you’d imagine normal suede to be. It’s stretchy and flexible. The concert tee is more than I’d normally spend on a t-shirt, but I wear it constantly, so it was worth it and now I want a dozen more.

Did you do anything special over the holiday or have a funny story to share? Comment below. I’d love to hear!

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1. Mickey Tank // 2. Minnie Ears // 3. Nike Shoes // 4. Crossbody Bag // 5. MAC Lipstick in “Kinda Sexy” // 6. Sunglasses ($7 “inspired” pair: here) // 7. Fitbit // 8. Yoga Leggings

I’m officially on vacation! Woo whoooo!!! I love my job, but it’s nice to get away from work for a while and head back home. Since my boyfriend and I didn’t get to celebrate our 5-year-anniversary together, we’re celebrating it while I’m on vacay. He booked a hotel in Orlando for 4 days and we’re going to Disney. I can’t wait!


Cherry Blossoms DC 4.13.15 012

Cherry Blossoms DC 4.13.15 022

Cherry Blossoms DC 4.13.15 059

Cherry Blossoms DC 4.13.15 078

Cherry Blossoms DC 4.13.15 085

Cherry Blossoms DC 4.13.15 104

Cherry Blossoms DC 4.13.15 140

Cherry Blossoms DC 4.13.15 156

Cherry Blossoms DC 4.13.15 166

Cherry Blossoms DC 4.13.15 168

Cherry Blossoms DC 4.13.15 145

Cherry Blossoms DC 4.13.15 195

Cherry Blossoms DC 4.13.15 024

I’ve lived in DC for almost a year now, and no matter how many times I pass the National Mall (“The Mall”), I still can’t get over how amazing it is. It is a whole different experience though, an even cooler one, when the cherry blossoms have bloomed. Of course, there were tourists EVERYWHERE when I went, so I did have to be patient in order to get pictures without tons of people in them. I would still do it all over again though! Whether you live in DC or not, a trip down to the Tidal Basin and the National Mall where the Cherry Blossoms are is beyond worth it. Ziggy came with me too– and although he can’t talk, I know he enjoyed it…especially because of all the attention and pets he got from tourists. Note-to-self: If I’m ever super broke, go down to The Mall and let people pay a $1 to take pictures with Ziggy. I’d make a fortune…or at least enough for a new pair of shoes.

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