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Metal letters from Crate & Barrel (Pier 1 has similar ones for under $15!) // Clear Storage Container for K-Cups from Homegoods (check your local store) // Black Stools // Keurig // White Tray Under Dog Dishes // Mirrored Hurricane Candle Holders from Crate & Barrel (VERY SIMILAR ones HERE and HERE) // White Triangle Decorative Accent from Target (check your local store) // Gold Dog Dishes // Automatic Wine Opener (this is a game changer and if you drink wine– I highly suggest you get one! It’s under $15) // Cocktails Napkins from Homegoods (check your local store) // Soap (my favorite) // Clear Sponge Holder from World Market (it’s really a soap dish. I like this one too!)

Christmas is in two days, but you certainly wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at my apartment! Unfortunately, all my Christmas decorations stay down in Florida at my boyfriend’s condo, since that’s where I spend Christmas every year. Nonetheless, tons of people have been asking me to post photos of my apartment. I decided to start with my entryway and kitchen. Nothing too fancy, but there are a few tips and tricks that I did that may help you with your own decorating.

Tip #1: Pop of Color

I’m not huge on crazy patterned towels, so I opt to bring color into my kitchen other ways i.e. fresh flowers or pellegrino bottles. Little pops of color help to make your kitchen brighter, without making it look cluttered or messy.

Tip #2: Dog mat Dupe

I, like almost every dog owner, had one of those foam-type mats under Ziggy’s food and water bowls. Well, the mat was 3x the size of his bowls and seemed to do nothing but gather dirt and grime. It was a pain in the butt to always wipe off too! I knew there had to be another option, so I headed to Homegoods and got creative. I ended up buying a white tray to place under his bowls instead. The tray has a lip on it, so it holds in water (unlike most mats) and when it comes time to clean, I simply throw the tray and his bowls in the dishwasher. Easy peasy.

Tip #3: K-Cup Storage

Instead of opting for the traditional solution when it came to storing my K-cups, I decided to go another route. All of the storage for K-cups that I found at Bed, Bath & Beyond and Target either took up too much space on my counter-top or were pricey. I found this circular clear container for $5.99 at Homegoods and immediately thought I could use it to store my K-Cups, so that’s what I did! Make sure to stack them neatly inside though, since they are visible to anyone in your kitchen– you don’t want it looking sloppy.

Tip #4: Spell it Out

Tons of stores carry letters– wooden, metal, plastic, you name it– they have it. Often people get the letters and use them to symbolize the first letter of their name and their partner’s. Sometimes people use the letters to represent their initials. I love all of those uses, but since Brian doesn’t live in DC with me and I’m not particularly fond of pointing out my middle initial (it’s a “B”…I’ll leave it at that), I wanted to try something else! I bought these metal letters at a Crate & Barrel Outlet and decided to use them to spell out the word “HEY” in my entryway. People compliment them all the time and I always enjoy coming into my apartment and seeing it every day. It makes me happy. I have some other ideas of how you could use the letters too: To spell out your local airport code (DCA, TPA, MIA, LAX) or your state abbreviation.

Hope these tips and tricks helped you in someway! My next apartment post will be of my living room and dining area, since I know people would like to see those as well.

I want to wish you and your loved ones a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS from the bottom of my heart.

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