Neutral Living Room
Sofa // Pillows // Fur Pillow // Mercury Glass Lamps (I found mine at my local HomeGoods) (similar: here and here) // Clear Coffee Table // Chair // Large Vase // Candle Holders // Urchin Candle (similar) // Silver Side Table (I found mine at my local HomeGoods) // Wood Top Side Tables // Silver Candle // Rug (similar: here and here)


Many of you may not know this about me, but interior design is a true passion of mine. If I didn’t work in radio, I’d be doing whatever I could to open up my own interior design business. While I wish I had the money to decorate and re-decorate every room in my house a million times over…

I don’t (plus, my boyfriend would kill me). So, I often turn to Polyvore to get my decorating fix. If you haven’t heard of Polyvore, I’ll explain– it’s a site where you can make collages using just about anything: beauty products, fashion, home decor, etc. I find it addicting/therapeutic and when I can’t afford to go on a retail therapy session, I’ll just log-on to Polyvore and make a collage of things I wish I could get. It’s really cool what your own mind can create.

Above is a room I designed on Polyvore today. I used a lot of pieces/similar pieces to some I already have in my living room (the framed artwork, the couch, candles, and similar lamps to ones I found at my local HomeGoods). From there, I added on some other pieces that I wish I could buy to really complete my living space. I always flip-flop on whether or not I should add color to my living room, so this was a fun way to experiment with just neutrals and see how I liked it.

I’d love to know your thoughts: Do you like neutral living spaces or do you prefer some color? What colors are you guys loving in home decor right now? I may take your suggestions and use them as inspiration for my next Polyvore creation.

Happy Monday!

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