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Happy fall! It seems kind of ironic to say “Happy fall” actually, because my fall hasn’t really been all that happy. I got laid off from my job exactly one week ago from today. Thankfully, I have an amazing support system. Between my boyfriend (Brian), best friends, family, radio colleagues and amazing listeners, I’ve realized that getting laid off was/is a blessing. I’m going to post a separate blog post later this week with a life-update– what my plan is now, if I’m staying in DC, etc. For now though, I’m focused on getting more content on here for you guys and enjoying my time with one of my best friend’s, Brittany, who flew in to be with me during this transitional time.

As for this dress, I had to share it with you guys because it’s under $50 and is so comfy! It’s made of this stretchy cotton-like material. While it hugs your curves, it’s still very flattering. I also love that it’s longer and doesn’t have a low-cut neckline, so while you could definitely wear it to happy hour–it’s also proper to wear to the office.

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