…and a blooper, because ya can’t take life too seriously.


 Jacket (similar) // T-Shirt // Phillip Lim for Target Bag (similar) // Rings // Layered Necklaces // Earrings // Dainty Orange Necklace from The Shop St.Pete (similar)

     Finally, after 3 years of wanting to start my own blog, I did it…I actually did it! I had such a great time shooting the above pictures with my BFF, picking a blog name, working on a logo, helping design a layout, and meeting other bloggers in DC (not necessarily in that order). This is so fun for me! Even right now as I’m writing this post, I’m so happy to be doing it. I can’t help but wonder– what the heck has taken me so long?! I DO know what’s taken me so long though– myself. Life tends to get in the way sometimes, and while I may not have the perfect body, perfect pictures, or the most expensive outfits; this blog is a labor of love and a passion of mine. If you happen to listen to my radio show then you’ve heard me talk about how this year is THE year! The year I was going to sit down and finally make my blog happen, despite myself. It’s so exciting to say that I did it! It’s here! I give you:!

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