1. Hat // 2. Faux Fur Vest // 3. Tunic (I wear this under sweaters a lot and let it peek out)// 4. Scarf // 5. Necklace (I wear this exact one EVERY day) // 6. Earrings // 7. Black Bag // 8. Fur Ball (Spotted this and loved how it matched my hat! Fur ball key chains are IN this season) // 9. Suede Booties (my go to fall shoes)// 10. Black Pants (these are like jeggings! SO COMFY! I have 5 pairs!)// 11. Lip Color (These liquid lipsticks stay on ALL day long. They’re amazing.)

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

I hope that you’re getting to spend today with your loved ones and that you’re celebrating with lots of yummy food, annual traditions and yoga pants with an ever-expanding waistband.

I’m in St.Pete, FL spending the holiday with my boyfriend and my family. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous! Definitely a nice change from DC. Brian’s mom and dad have been cooking all morning and we’re planning on eating with his family around 4pm. I woke up early though to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I’ve always wanted to go and every Thanksgiving…while watching from the couch, I say that exact same thing. Something about the usually freezing hosts (it’s warm today) and the way the celebrities lip-synch on floats, it’s just SO Thanksgiving and I love it.