Whether I’m running errands or at the gym, chances are I’m listening to music. To say I’m obsessed with new music is probably an understatement. If you were to ask any of my friends they’d tell you that I’m constantly trying to play new songs for them. I’m the one asking if I can plug-in my playlist while we’re driving or if I can dj our Uber (for the record– they always say yes). They’ll occasionally get turned off when I play a random trap song, but what can I say, your girl likes rap!

I thought it’d be cool to start sharing my playlists with you guys, just like I do with my friends (since I consider you guys friends too). I make a new playlist every month, so every time I make one I’ll be sure to post it for you. Hopefully it’ll help you find some new jams!

  1. “Couch Potato”- Jakubi (this song transports me to Cali and I LOVE IT. Thanks to my sis, Jessica, for telling me about it. Playing this now while I’m typing.)
  2. “Work from Home”- Fifth Harmony ft. Ty Dolla $ign
  3. “Stole the Show”- Kygo ft. Parson James
  4. “Fast Car”- Jonas Blue ft. Dakota (nothing compares to Tracy Chapman’s original version, but since I’ve always been a fan of her, I love this reboot)
  5. “Again”- Fetty Wap
  6. “Damn Daniel”- Bombs Away Remix (it’s kind of super annoying, yet I oddly like it. Think of it as a guilty pleasure and you can thank my brother, Michael, when it gets stuck in your head)
  7. “Promise”- Kid Ink ft. Fetty Wap
  8. “New Romantics”- Taylor Swift (from the 1989 D.L.X. album)
  9. “Work”- Rihanna ft. Drake (something about just mumbling along and not even trying to actually pronounce words is awesome)
  10. “Lush Life”- Zara Larsson
  11. “Say It”- Tory Lanez (I’ve listened to this since October and it’s made my playlist every month since then. Not sick of it just yet, even though radio is now playing it)

If there is a song you’re loving now and would like to share it, be sure to leave it in a comment below. Let me know if you end up loving one on my list too!

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